Sunday, October 16, 2011


As some of you may or may not know... I got engaged this past weekend.

Here's how it all went down: 

There have been little itty bitty moments for the past couple of months that made me feel suspicious.. have made me want to be the little Snoopy I am, but nothing could prepare me for the excitement and the amazing feeling of knowing you are FINALLY going to be spending the rest of your life with your special someone. 

Leading up to the moment: 
Fel and I went up to Boston to go visit my sister, Dave, Laura & Phil. One night, we stayed with Laura and Phil and Felix insisted that Fel and Phil play basketball. You have to know, these two are the worst liars.. especially when you put them together. I wouldn't have thought anything suspicious... except when I saw them leaving at 8am, they were both wearing jeans and polos. Felix made up some terrible excuse that they were changing there.. but I didn't buy it. Laura and I decided to go out, and when we got back, the boys were home. They "played ball" for 3+ hours. Felix was saying how tired he was and how he just showered. . . when I hugged him, he did NOT smell clean, NOR did he smell like he just play basketball for 3 hours. 

This began my suspicions... :) 

People used to call me Snoopy because I am a queen of sneaking into people's phones, emails and brain. I love to snoop. I really do. Thus began my months of snooping around, trying to find any evidence on anything... 

Unfortunately because Laura is in fact the inventor of snooping, she knew how to clear all of felix's tracks. They made a new email acct devoted to planning this engagement and she made sure to make felix delete every single message or phone call he had. Good move, because we all know if Felix did this by himself, I would've found out in 2 seconds HAHA! 

The day of the Proposal: 
That morning we went to Smorgasburg to enjoy some yummies in our tummies and we were hella full!!! 

Oh btw, did I tell you, felix comes from a family with TERRIBLE liars?
During that morning, I was really thirsty and was looking for something to drink... and found a PILE of all these sodas and beers... and I ask felix, "what are all these for?" and he responded "OH, johns having a party" haha. 

I asked john later, "where are you throwing a party?"
He responds..."mind your own business!" 

Later that day, I see two packages from that are for Felix and I say..."what is this?" 
He says, "oh it's for John" 


His mom had also deep cleaned the WHOLe house and it looks beautiful... and I asked Felix, "How come she cleaned the house so well?" 
Felix responds, "oh... because big aunt will come visit and she wants the house to look nice." 
Me: "she comes all the time though..."
Felix: "walks away"
Felix's Mom: "because I throw big party!" 

-- anyway..
Laura and I had planned to go out in the late afternoon, but she was running late, so we only had time to grab dinner. We went to Sake Sushi - and she was sharing with me some struggles she was having with her 9th grade students. She said they were not listening and she was trying to teach them the book the Glass Menagerie, and how she was so desperate, she wanted to make sand art with them, where she filled glasses with different colored sand. 

I thought that was weird. . . 

But, maybe laura was really struggling, so I was like Ok. She said she had to pick it up from Pastor Scott, so we had to stop by church sometime. 

After dinner, we stopped by her brother and Anita's new place and dropped off food for them. We were going to film a tutorial, but Laura said Scott called and he wanted to leave, so he was hoping she would come soon. So we left. . .

We got to the church and I started walking straight back to Scott's office, but Laura was like, OH it's in the basement. And so we head over into the basement, and I see these strange kinda lit up blue and green things, and I was like what the hell is that? and why the heck is it so dark? So I turn on the lights.

Laura gave me the eye. *shudder* and she turns off the light ... "FOLLOW the light." 

As I walk down the steps, I was like holy crap. There are freaking glow sticks EVERYWHERE. Then I'm like Oh my goodness. What do I do What do I do. Here's the moment that I've been waiting for all my life... omg omgom godkjg;lkjg;k jis this REALL.

I walk into the church cafeteria place and see there is a huge glow stick heart with a chair inside... that has FELIX written all over it. 

And then a video begins to play....

My closest friends and family each made videos of their most memorable moments of me and felix. Occasionally I got distracted because I saw someone's finger (phil) pressing buttons behind a white board and I heard clinging and clanging from the peanut gallery in the back behind the divider. I didn't turn around though because I didn't want to ruin this moment. 

The stories they told were funny and touching... I can't even believe all the stories people remembered. It made me think of how many amazing moments we've had in the past and how many amazing people we have in our lives to share it with. There were a couple moments - mainly ones with my sister and dave that really made me choke up.. to hear that we've really grown as a couple and how this path that felix and I are on... really is one that is so beautiful. And then felix, with his ugly straw hat came on the video and I can't even remember what he said... because after that moment, it was all a big blur to me. 

Once the video was over, felix comes over with his Mario tie and his nicely gelled up hair and says hello. I can feel his clammy hands and for some reason he kept using them to squish my face...

but at that moment I didn't care. All i knew was that this is the man I will be with for the rest of my life, and here we are finally read to REALLY start it. 

The next thing I knew, Phil (creeper) turned the white board around and it said WILL YOU MARRY ME in glow sticks!! 

And Felix whipped out THIS: 

Felix shouted... SHE SAID YES!!! 

And all of my friends and family (minus <3 dave, tiff & luan <3) popped out and at that moment, I knew that everything was perfect. 

We took happy shots (pictures not drinks) and Felix informed me that he didn't have enough glow sticks... he really wished that he could hang them from the ceiling... but thank GOD steph was there to tell him that would look TERRIBLE and decorated it instead :)

then went back to felix's place and had a little celebration ... with SAKE SUSHI!! HAHAHAHA!!! Apparently Felix's brother went to go pick up all the sushi WHILE laura and I were there! LOL! 

We had tons of smiles and laughs and cheers... and stories to tell... and when felix first got his hands on the ring, his brother had taken it to try it on (we have the same size fingers). He said, Um it fits me perfectly. LOL. All of us made fun of him so badly.... until I got home to my dad's place and my sister said... "I secretly tried it on too..." LOL! OMG. siblings are cuckoo! 

My dad also had a celebratory cake when we got home.. except by that time, he was too tired and went to bed. We ate the cake for breakfast :)

Later on that evening, felix's family also had a special cake for us! So pretty and in a heart shape haha :D

I honestly am over the moon. 

Thank you to everyone who was apart of this special moment for me and felix. You are all a huge part of our lives and we wouldn't be the couple we are without you all. Your support has and does mean the world to us. 

Felix- Life has been so surreal since I've met you. I feel like I live in this cartoon world where life is happy and worries don't matter. Especially because I'm such a high strung crazy person, God could not have blessed me with a more amazing, happy, caring, protective person in my life. I am the luckiest girl in the world and cannot wait to see how our lives begin to unfold. love you <3 

YAY we're getting married!!!! <3